Saturday, January 3, 2009

Anal Stretching - Safe if done slowly

For a time, Anal stretching was considered a form of edgeplay due to scare mongering.  However, this is not the case, and is even a medically accepted treatment for Anal fissures.  However, there are limits, and certain rules must be followed.  The first rule is always start slowly, and graduate to bigger toys over time.  The second rule is never use any sudden violent force.  The third rule is use lots of lubrication.  Lastly, be careful when choosing toys - make sure it has a good base flange, and never use any improvised object, especially glass objects - breakage could mean a trip to the operating room.

Done safely, Anal stretching will not cause any permanent damage.  Stretching this part of your anatomy is no different than stretching your hamstrings - they will return to their normal state within a few hours, so no you will not have fecal incontinence.  In fact, done within reasonable limits, anal stretching is actually beneficial, as hemorrhoids are caused by excessively tight anal sphincters.  While there is no set rule on what is a safe upper limit, there are toys out there that go beyond 5 inches in diameter - something I would not recommend.  For the Lord's Anal stretch procedure, a stainless steel dilator that comes in diameters of 3.5, 4, and 4.5 inches is employed while the patient is under anesthesia - so this is a good guidline.

I recommend that a session should begin with a cleansing - the more the better. I will discuss cleansing more in depth in a future post. A waiting period of about 30 minutes after cleansing is also beneficial.  Afterwards, the session should begin gradually - it can be done solo, or can be employed in a BDSM ritual.  To begin the session, the wife and I make sure we have lots of lubrication on hand - we find Sex grease and Slippery Stuff are the best hands down.  I know some people use J-Lube, but it is messy.  In a typical session, a good selection of five or more toys can be employed.

Some of the places to find good toys include, and the Big Sex Toy Store.  Toys for the beginner, all the way to advanced can be found on these sites.  Some of my recommendations from beginner to advanced include:

Up to 2.5 inches
Small Exxtreme Goose (can be used for deep insertion)
Rascal Toys Inmate
Mole Butt Plug
Spike Renegade - The Plow
Spike Hot Pursuit - Skiploader

Up to 3.25 Inches
Medium Exxtreme Goose (can be used for deep insertion)
Spike Power Plug - The Bulldozer (My personal favorite)
Colt Thruster
Silver Bullet
Tripple whammy

Up to 3.75 Inches
Large Exxtreme Goose (Not to be inserted all the way) highly recommended
Chase Hunter Butt Plug (Holds well)
Gum Drops Ace of Spades
Gold Dreams 3.5 inch Butt Plug
Man in a Barrel
Big man in a Barrel
Double Banger
Ms. Butt Plug

Beyond 3.75 Inches
BMF Exxtreme Goose (not to be inserted all the way)
Gold Dreams 4 Inch Butt Plug
Gold Dreams 4.25 Inch Butt Plug
Fat Man in a Barrel (Can be difficult to retain)
Trailer Hitch (Recommended)
Red Boy XL The Challenge
Totem Pole

In addition, there are a handful of toys I have tried, or have heard are unsafe.  Some of the toys I do not recommend include:
Falcon Expander (handle can break)
XX-Large Butt Plug from SI Novelties - Flange is too thin, can be sucked in
Spike Cumquest - flange is too brittle, plastic reinforcing rod
Spike Armadillo - flange is too brittle, plastic reinforcing rod
Tilappia Butt Plug - can cause abrasions
Spike Trophy
Spike Dildozer


  1. I foud this information useful. I am new at self-enemba play and enjoy it greaty but I want make sure that I do it safe. One concern I have iswhat side rectal tube to explore deeper enemas with. I can easity hold 3 qts of what with a few weeks of trial and error but I wuold like to go deep. Any suguestions?

  2. You just have to make sure the tube has no sharp edges. I wouldn't go more than 4 quarts - that's the most that is medically used in a barium X-ray, otherwise you could end up with a ruptured colon.