Saturday, January 3, 2009

What to wear

What to wear during a BDSM session is a matter of which role you are playing, and personal preference.  If you are a sub, usually the lesser the better - but in some occasions more is better in order to provoke sensory deprivation.  If you are a dom or domme, usually more is better - catsuits look very sexy.  The problem with catsuits is what they are made of - you essentially get what you pay for.  At the low end of the scale are the cheap chinese catsuits, which are often accompanied by outrageous shipping fees - leave them to float, they're not worth it.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is high quality European catsuits costing upwards of $300.

I personally don't like latex - you can go from being as hot as hell, to freezing, you have to shave to avoid hair pulling, and it leaves a lingering smell on your skin after you have taken a shower.  My favorite are 4 way stretch PVC catsuits with a Lycra backing - produces a good product, as does - my favorite is the classic latex look slicksuit.  You sweat like a pig, but you don't go from one extreme to the next, and it's comfortable for extended play.  It also has a full crotch zipper for an all-access pass.  I also like the products from Squeeze Dog in the netherlands, though their products are not form fitting enough.  For women, there is a much larger variety of choices.

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